My Why | The Reason for One Weddings

One Weddings became an official small business on March 28, 2016. In the years prior to that while I was in college, I decided to pursue weddings and events so I majored in Hospitality Management. I changed schools 3 times and changed majors 4 times before I had nailed down the job I could be happy doing as a long term career. The planner in me was thinking way into the future, knowing that a job I could do from home would certainly come in handy when I had kids someday that I intended to stay home with. The organizer in me loved the idea of spreadsheets and timelines and details filling my life as a Wedding Planner. And, the hopeless romantic in me thought, "What better job could there be than going to a wedding every weekend?!"

So, One Weddings was born out of these qualities I saw in myself and wanted to pursue, practice and perfect. Those were the logistics behind my decision, but, even if I knew it made the most sense for me, I could never commit to a career I didn't love. My passion for what I do stems from two things.

The first is that I love watching two people who are madly in love move toward spending the rest of their lives together. There is no sweeter thing than knowing two people have chosen each other for a lifetime. And, knowing the inward decision they've made to commit their lives to one another, it is such a joy to help them plan the day they will outwardly express their feelings in the presence of their friends and families.

The second thing that drives my passion for this industry is my belief that planning a wedding should be one of the most fun seasons of a person's life. Memories of planning your wedding should not be filled with stress, doubt, or confusion. This is the time when your plans for one of the most important days in your life should unfold and your vision for your big day should seamlessly come together. Every couple deserves to know that someone else will handle any unforeseen issues, solve any problems along the way, and stand in their corner to help make their wedding perfect for them. Your job is to enjoy your engagement, be equipped to make well-informed decisions, and to live out your dream wedding. Mine is to make sure all of that happens by keeping you on track and understanding your vision for your big day.

My promise to my couples is that they will be my priority and will have full access to me and my resources to make planning their wedding as easy as possible. At the end of the night after a wedding when I am hugging the Bride and Groom goodbye, I feel just as much joy and relief as they do, knowing that everything went just as we planned.

I have been blessed with the sweetest and most genuine couples and I can only hope to continue to serve them well as I gain more experience in the years to come. I am one blessed lady to be living my dream job at the young age of 23, but, I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and pray I continue to submit to His will as I own One Weddings.

Photo Credit: Matt Garsky

Photo Credit: Matt Garsky