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I met Jess at a Columbus Tuesdays Together (local networking group) meeting  in 2016. We clicked pretty quickly and met again to chat further. Jess' passion for photography, care for her clients, and expertise make her an excellent choice for wedding (or any!) photography! She was recently added to my Favorite Vendors list and I'm excited to work with her in this new year!

Jess shares my passion for educating Brides on the importance of hiring a Wedding Planner so when she wrote this post, I asked her if I could share it on the blog, and she happily said yes! Enjoy!


I Love a Wedding Planner!

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I wanted to write a post today to share my love for the WEDDING PLANNER!!!! I have had a few couples lately trying to decide upon using a wedding planner for their wedding so I know this is a topic that is being talked about. In the throws of trying to sort out what is a "need" and what is a "want" for a wedding it can feel overwhelming! Obviously, I usually argue that the images that you have after the day is said and done are what will be the most lasting thing from your wedding day. If you are working within a budget the photographer should be where the priority of money spent is.  Having said that I want to chat with you about why I think using the awesome professional services of a wedding planner can be super BENEFICIAL for the impact of those lasting images! 

Seedling Photography

To start off, I capture what is at your wedding. Typically, the wedding planner offers services to help you design your day. If you'd like to have the beautiful photos that you've always dreamed of, it helps to have beauty for me to capture. Am I saying you need to go crazy and design a set for your wedding??? Not at all; It is my opinion that love is the very most beautiful thing and capturing the love between the couple is what my goal is the entire day. But for me to build an album that tells the story of your day, it is ever so helpful to have the professional help of someone who can step back and help you create the vision of the most beautiful day in your head, in real life. They also step in to help you create all those details you have dreamed of! The design aspect of a planner is something that I am ALWAYS grateful to have as I document the day.

Seedling Photography

Another BIG piece the planner plays to help me create the lasting images is to help set the tone for the day. I capture facial expression, body language, details etc etc. I want those things to be filled with JOY, ROMANCE, HAPPINESS! What I don't want to work around is the expression of frustration because the cake is wrong, or the flowers didn't come, or something isn't right.  What I have seen in my experience is that the wedding coordination and logistical planning that the planner works so hard for the couples to provide is a priceless piece because it takes that worry off of the couple and allows them to be fully immersed in their day so that I get to document those beautiful emotions as they say I DO.

A final piece of the puzzle that I believe the planner is invaluable for, is their little black book. We all know what I mean by that, right? When the planner sits down with you, hears the dreams and hopes you have for what you want your day to look like and pulls out her book and says, "I know the PERFECT person for you!" The contacts that the planner has in the industry are usually people that the planner trusts, has worked with before, and can vouch for their talent and expertise in their area of service. Picking a photographer from a website is so hard! But, hearing the experience that one has had professionally working with a vendor makes these decisions so much easier and really gives a testimony to a person, not just a name on a list. That little black book is full of people that the planner trusts and knows will help to create your perfect day!

Seedling Photography

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